Tours on Lake Maggiore – 5 best active day trips on and around the lake

The area around Lake Maggiore boasts an incredible number of hidden gems, perched medieval towns, impressive gorges, everything surrounded by lush nature. Our tours on Lake Maggiore will lead you through the heart of this attractive land. Fun, adventure and nature: enrich your holiday experience with the greatest moments!

Discover the top 5 active day trips on and around the lake!

1# Hiking tours on Lake Maggiore – the medieval hamlet of Carmine Superiore

Carmine Superiore is a small medieval hamlet which can be reached only on foot through a wonderful hike starting from Cannobio. This exclusive feature gives this village something special because you’ll feel like going back into a remote past and wander through a place frozen in time. Well-preserved medieval rock houses converge on the Romanesque church of San Gottardo, dating back to 14th century, a stunning terrace overlooking the lake. San Gottardo Church of Carmine Superiore is a real jewel which houses valuable frescoes and is centered between the mountains of the Cannobina Valley and the wonderful view over Lake Maggiore. On this rocky spur you’ll enjoy a stunning scenery!

But the beauty of this village doesn’t end here: you’ll be overwhelmed by the amazing environmental frame. Rock stone terraces on ancient dry-stone walls and vineyards that were created on this steep slope. It’s wonderful to witness how life unfolded here.

Then we’ll continue the hike and reach Cannero Riviera with a glance at the legendary castles which emerge from the lake. Walking along the center of Cannero Riviera you eventually go back to Cannobio by private boat.

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2# Walking tours on Lake Maggiore – the enchanting town of Cannobio

Cannobio lies in a particular position, protected by the mouth of Valle Cannobina. From the sky you can see its particular shape sloping down to the lake, enveloped by amazing mountains. Its closeness to Switzerland gives the city the particular atmosphere and history of a cross-border town. During our amazing tour on Lake Maggiore, you’ll wander through the maze of alleys of the old town, discovering Palazzo della Ragione (town hall) built in 1291. You’ll stroll on the charming lake promenade and pass by Santuario della Pietà, a Renaissance church that houses a small painting which guards different miracles. You’ll get insider tips and curiosities about Cannobio, also if you have been there many times! The stroll ends with a refreshing aperitivo!

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3# Quad tours on Lake Maggiore – fun, adrenaline and nature

Are you ready for an adventure? Our guided quad tours on Lake Maggiore with local guide will lead you through different routes around the beautiful nature of the lake mountains.

Get out of the bust of everyday life, drive a quad, and you’ll be immersed in the unspoiled nature. Fun, adrenaline and nature are the three main ingredients of this tour.

Quad excursions on Lake Maggiore are dedicated to all adventure and outdoor enthusiasts. You can experience safely this tour with your family and friends and spend a day doing something unique! Test your quad on different terrains: paved roads at the beginning and then stretches of stony grounds, mule tracks on gravel and mud, where no one else dares to venture.

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4# Hiking Tours around Lake Maggiore – the overwhelming power of nature

Join us for our Uriezzo Orridi hiking tour: you’ll reach the Antigorio Valley, in the heart of Ossola, approximately one hour from Cannobio. This amazing sunny valley is crossed by the river Toce. While you’re hiking, there is plenty of time to enjoy this gift of nature and learn something more about the history of this place.

The area between Premia and Baceno is well-known for the natural geological formations such as gorges and ravines. You will travel through time and geological eras that shaped this environment: vertical cliffs overhanging the river, on which lush vegetation has thrived over centuries. This vegetation hides the witness of an ancient glacier that covered the whole valley. When the glacier backed up, it left deep engravings that we can admire today. You’ll feel like at the center of the earth! Admire the contrast between the intense green which is mirroring on the bare rock and the cobalt blue of the river.

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5# Hiking and food tours on Lake Maggiore – the Rock and the Wine

Ossola Valley will welcome you to share some food local insider tips: join us for the experience “the Rock and the Wine”, a guided hiking tour to Ossola Valley. But what does this name mean?

The rock stands for an historical mule-track route used by inhabitants in the past to reach different villages in the mountains for trading goods, and we will walk along this path as in the past. During the tours we’ll be amazed at megalithic sites, menhirs and ruins in the area of Montecrestese. At the end of the hike, you’ll enjoy a wine tasting in a local wine cellar of Ossola Valley. The wine master will lead you through the scents and flavors of our traditional wines, produced with passion, commitment and dedication.

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Historic paths, adventure and adrenaline-charged experiences: discover something more while you’re on holiday in Cannobio. Check out our day trips & tours on Lake Maggiore!