Tours on Lake Maggiore: experience the lake and the mountains from a unique perspective with Il Viaggiatore
tours on Lake Maggiore

Since ever, Il Viaggiatore has brought forward a conscious and respectful travel mindset while shaping outdoor tours on Lake Maggiore: it lies at the heart of our mission and vision. But during these unprecedented times, more than ever, we have placed ever-increasing value on this way of travelling.

Now it’s high time, and we would like to lead you through a journey of our world with new eyes and spirit, sharing a renewed consciousness. After a long period within four walls we want to restart dreaming again thereby safely experiencing travel, caring for nature and travelling actively with a purpose, enriching our soul and spirit.

So embark on this adventure with Il Viaggiatore and glance behind the scenes of our tours on Lake Maggiore!

Why choose our small group tours on Lake Maggiore?

1# “Slow” and environmentally-friendly discovery

Our entrepreneurial path aims at enhancing our territory rich in history, art and culture. As conscious travelers as well, sustainability comes first in our tours on Lake Maggiore. Wild and pristine landscapes can be wandered through a slow discovery. Slow tourism allow you to “walk” into the past and the history of one place in order to look ahead, fostering a respectful vision of the environment. Being conscious means appreciating the history, the people that with their craftsmanship and initiatives have turned the places as we admire them today. So we need to preserve these places for a long time, especially in a period where everything seems standard. Every territory needs to be understood for its unique features, preserving its atmosphere and raison d’être.

2# Unprecedented and unique perspective

Relax and explore Lake Maggiore with us is our motto – we would like to give you a local glimpse of this territory, away from hurriedly holidays and rushed sightseeing. We are addressing Lake Maggiore first-timer visitors, but also repeaters who have been coming to Lake Maggiore every summer. Are you sure to know all the curiosities and hidden gems of this area? We’ll show you Lake Maggiore from an unprecedented perspective!

3# The power of network

We firmly believe in the power of networking, of working together in order to show our territory as a whole, which is promoted in its uniqueness. That’s why we place value on our reliable partners, and together we joined forces to reach the same goal: share the beauty of Lake Maggiore and “spread the word”! Are you ready to join us?

4# Guidance through the nature, history and culture

Travelling no longer means ticking off a list of tourist attractions, but it’s an active way to slowly experience a land and its history. Our certified Nature & Walking Guides are expert locals and will lead you through amazing outdoor and active tours on Lake Maggiore. With them, you can plunge in the history of a place and discover way more than being alone, because they can answer to every single question you’re excited to know. In-destination local tour guides and leaders can give you a totally different point of view and bring every special detail to light (which you probably won’t see alone)!

5# Customization and co-design

The right experience for you? An experience which is customized to your expectations and dreams. Would you like to go for an active and hard hiking adventure tour in Val Grande or choose a softer activity on the lake? Get in touch with us, and we’ll design ad hoc tours for you, your family and friends!

After this virtual journey through our travel company which designs tours on Lake Maggiore, we cannot wait to welcome you!