About us. We are a very enthusiastic team with a long time experience in tourism and travel. Our agency, focused on incoming travelling, is located in Cannobio (Verbania). We organize day trips, tourist packages, hiking tours and activities in the territory of Lake Maggiore, Piedmont, Italy. Il Viaggiatore is born as an union point between the beautiful region of the Lake Maggiore and an active kind of tourism, both natural and conscious.

Il Viaggiatore Lake & Mountain Tours is an Incoming Travel Agency offering a different Lake Maggiore, one that has not been completely discovered yet and therefore genuine. Especially in the Upper part of the Lake (e.g. Cannero Riviera and Cannobio) one can still find the typical local architecture and run into old medieval villages with touches of Belle Époque.

It is here that the lake and the mountain, Italy and Switzerland meet in a unique territory which you can discover by joining our hiking tours and activities!

Our agency gives therefore the chance to undertake a full immersion into nature and history. An excursion by bike, or on foot, is a luxury which, nowadays, not everybody is able to afford for oneself. It demands an aware behaviour towards the places we go through and the people we meet along the way. All senses are active because the eyes can explore the beauty of the landscape; the ears listen to the wind, the animals, our steps in the silence; the feet sense the asperity of the ground; and then, smells and flavours “picked” on the way, which will become the main ingredient to our memories.

We await you at Lake Maggiore, Benvenuti!

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