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Trekking Valgrande

Are you planning to go on holiday on Lake Maggiore? Are you an outdoor enthusiast? We want to fulfill your adventure eagerness; we want to inspire you with our amazing Lake Maggiore hiking tours. Discover hiking trails, embark on outdoor experiences, get off the beaten tracks and live like a local.

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Hiking tours on Lake Maggiore

Lake Maggiore hiking tours: explore the best mountain trails

Lake Maggiore in a unique territory, embraced by the lake and enveloped in a beautiful mountain setting, between Italy and Switzerland. It’s a place to live, to taste and to experience, slowly and intensely. In comparison to other sub-alpine Northern Italian lakes like Lake Garda and Lake Como, Lake Maggiore is still pretty much unknown, especially amazing trails that unwind in its mountains. So it keeps a genuine legacy.

Lake Maggiore is the perfect starting point to reach Val Grande, the largest Wilderness area in Italy. Unspoiled and boundless places where nature reigns free. Here you’ll find harmony and silence. Another fascinating valley around the lake is Val Vigezzo, called the “Painter Valley” because the bursting colors during every season have inspired lots of local and international artists. From here you can reach Valle Cannobina, the natural connection between the highest alpine peaks sloping down to Lake Maggiore.

Outdoor experiences: engage the five senses

With our Lake Maggiore hiking tours and active day trips, you can plunge in the splendid nature and in the history of our valleys. A walking or hiking excursion will lead you through the territory, discovering from a unique point of view. While walking, you can heighten your senses’ feelings and experience nature at its most. Catch nature’s wonder with your eyes, listen to the calm sounds of nature and of your steps, and last but not the least, treat yourself to the nature’s tastes. Whether it is a hike in Val d’Ossola or a walking tour in a medieval town, you’ll be filled and moved by the surrounding beauty. Going on hiking tours means rediscovering silence and listen to yourself, to the others and the world around us.

Lake Maggiore hiking tours like a local

Our expert hiking guides are real nature and environment lovers: they define themselves as “landscape interpreters” because they can put into words what nature shows us, uncovering the tiniest and hidden details. They are outdoor enthusiasts and adventure travelers but especially professionals who have studied geology, botany, ecology and landscape history and hold this position after going through strict selection processes. Their commitment is key to your experience and allows you to reach a total different travelling dimension than being alone by yourself.

All-around and tailored tours suitable to every level

Lake Maggiore hiking tours and outdoor experiences are designed personally to meet your needs and expectations, and especially appeal to your mind and heart! We can co-design your trip in order to strike the best balance between adventure and safety. Tell us what you are looking for, and we will customize every experience in order to suit your level: from a simple one-day outdoor experience to guided Lake Maggiore hiking tours of several days, even fulfilling the most demanding hiking dream!

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