Lake Maggiore walking tours – 5 insider tips in Cannobio by locals

One of the best Lake Maggiore walking tours is discovering the village of Cannobio.

Lying three kilometers from the border to Switzerland, this charming and welcoming village, hidden by a green valley, is a real jewel on Lake Maggiore. It is the ideal destination for an active holiday combined with relax, given its vocation for walking and cycling.

Coming from the south, from Verbania, you drive along the suggestive coastline that skirts this rather impervious stretch of lake that will give you incredible panorama such as the sight of Cannero Castles, wrapped in an atmosphere where history and legend merge. Continuing on, you reach Punta Amore: after the umpteenth bend, the village appears in one of its most enchanting views. Welcome to Cannobio!

Located on the mouth of the river Cannobino, on the Piedmont side of Lake Maggiore, it is the first Italian town on the route that connects Northern Europe, through the St. Gotthard and the San Bernardino, to Italy. Cannobio is a real “Borderland” – not only geographically – between Piedmont, Lombardy and Ticino, which have mutually conditioned its history, contributing to create a particular atmosphere.

Let’s discover 5 insider tips by locals to plan the best walking tours on Lake Maggiore.


1# Lake Maggiore Walking Tours – Explore the historical center and the Lakefront

You will have free time to explore the historical center and begin to breathe in the intimate atmosphere of this town. Lose yourself in the cobbled alleys that climb from Via Castello to the Borgo. You will feel in a timeless atmosphere. Walk along the lakefront with the ancient eighteenth-century houses lined up in front of the coastline until you reach the Lido.

2# Lake Maggiore Walking Tours – Rest and have fun at Lido

The Lido of Cannobio is one of the largest of Lake Maggiore and certainly the only one, among the Italian lake resorts, to have been rewarded with the European recognition of the “Blue Flag” since 2001. This means that bathing here is a real refreshing experience! On the beach there is a windsurfing and sailing school, as well as motorboat, pedal boat, SUP and kayak rental. Tennis courts, mini-golf, a bike path and a soccer field complete the amenities for the outdoor enthusiasts’ free time.

3# Lake Maggiore Walking Tours – Walk to Orrido di Sant’Anna

Spend your time at leisure in the village or taking the bike path surrounded by lush vegetation. Ride down to the valley, at the point where the Cannobino torrent flows into the plain to reach the lake, creating a natural wonder. The Orrido di Sant’Anna is a gorge of rock walls, eroded by the action of water, that plunge headlong into the river. A highly recommended tour!

4# Lake Maggiore Walking Tours – Discover the ancient Darsene and Punta Amore

The most tranquil part of the Lakefront that we love the most is Punta Amore and Darsene, the old dockyard for boats, which is now surrounded by a green park and some small ladder to bathe directly in the lake. It’s a hidden gem at the end of the Lakefront! Near the park, you also unwind over a glass of wine in one of the most historical wineries of the village.

5# Lake Maggiore Walking Tours – Cannobina Valley

Upstream of the town, the wild and romantic Cannobina Valley – connected to the Vigezzo Valley and the Ticino Centovalli – with all its villages clinging to the slopes, offers a wide range of activities such as hiking, mountain biking and motorcycling experiences. It’s a real wild mountain range, so be sure to be led by an expert mountain guide.

In Cannobio, amidst its ancient alleys, the steep stairways and arcades that descend to the lake, the sunny lakefront – recently enlarged and arranged – overlooked by important buildings, under its arcades where there are cafés and restaurants for all tastes, you can taste the real Italian way of life. Don’t forget: every Sunday the market transforms the entire lakefront into a maze of stalls of all kinds that attracts visitors from far and wide!

Plan your Lake Maggiore Walking Tours with locals! We’ll be happy to help you!

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