Lumineri Cannobio 2019
The “Lumineri” of Cannobio 2019
Lumineri Cannobio 2019

Every year in Cannobio we celebrate a miracle that happened a long time ago. But the memory of that emotion is always present and relives with each year, just like the thousands of lights that are lit and exposed throughout the old town of Cannobio and also on the boats that follow the slow procession from the lake. This is a very important event for the community but also for those who have learned to know and love Cannobio. At 7 pm on 7 January, immediately after the church celebration, the procession that accompanies the Sacra Costa along the streets of the town shows up and the liturgical chants begin. The Sacra Costa is thus brought back to the place from which everything originated, in the past the house of Tommaso Zacchei and now the Sanctuary of the Santissima Pietà. The meal that is offered by the whole town afterwards is that of the oldest tradition: pasta with beans and luganighe with boiled vegetables. In this way Cannobio recalls, year after year, the miracle that took place between its narrow streets so long ago and approaches the celebration of the fifth centenary (1522).

Ph. Verbania Notizie, Appartamento Tiglio

Lumineri Cannobio 2019 Lumineri Cannobio 2019


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