Lake Maggiore Tours: the best Food & Wine Experiences
sunset cruise on lake maggiore

The beauty and the uniqueness of Lake Maggiore is its location and only with the best Lake Maggiore tours visitors can experience it. It spans for 64 kilometers, stretching into two different Italian regions (Lombardy and Piedmont) all the way up to Switzerland. This mix and match of geographical areas is also a mix and match of cultures. And what’s more significant in cultural heritage than food? Nothing, especially in Italy. 

If you can’t decide where to start or what to try first, there are our Lake Maggiore tours dedicated to local cuisine and wine. The lake district is a paradise for cheese lovers, no doubt, who must try the fondue, better if melted on handmade gnocchi. On the other hand, the Alpine region of Lombardy features the delicious “pizzoccheri,” short tagliatelle with local vegetables and cheese. In and around Lake Maggiore, the influences of different populations meet. At the table. 

If you aren’t ready to make a choice, here are our best options and most popular trips. No eating before setting off, of course. 

excursion with wine tasting

Lake Maggiore tours: The Rock & The Wine

This is a full-day trip to the Ossola Valley in Piedmont. This easy Lake Maggiore tour mixes hiking with wine tasting. Travelers follow a historical mule-track route through megalithic sites in Montecrestese, Alpine churches, and a historical wine cellar in the Ossola Valley. What wines can you taste? 

The local options include both white and red grapes. Some native wines include Avanà, Becuet, Nebbiolo, and Baratuciat. In the past, this mountainous area of Piedmont belonged to the royal family of the Savoia, a family that moved from east to west, building castles and planting vineyards. But, before them, the Alpine communities harvested wine to make it the center of their days, the focus of their families. Modern wine makers are still working this impervious soil at difficult altitudes. 

During this day trip, travelers will get the chance to experience it all. Even the local food, which includes sheep cheese, spiced lard, and honey. 

Ideal for: people who love their wine, no doubt. But this tour is also a way to discover the area’s history on foot. 

Lake Maggiore tours: walking in Cannobio

Once again, Piedmont is the protagonist of this trip. The town itself reflects on the lake’s water, while the whole municipality stretches through the Valle Cannobina, a paradise for nature lovers. This easy half-day trip takes visitors through the old town of Cannobio itself and its narrow alleys. 

Why Cannobio? On the border with Switzerland, this lakeside town features a charming walk, ruins that predate the Romans, and the Church of San Vittore, dating back to the 1700s. This is an ancient settlement and its original nucleus is called “borgo.” Its structure reflects the city’s history of invasions. In fact, the narrow passageways framed by high buildings were ideal to defend Cannobio from outsiders. The majority of the town’s palaces were built between the 17th and 19th century, like the elegant Omacini Palace. 

Not to mention a famous miracle. Our guides will spill the tea: it’s a promise. 

Ideal for: even families, since the walking tour is easy and full of curious facts. 

Lake Maggiore tours: It’s time to get cooking

This half-day excursion takes place in Cannobio and it includes a cooking class, since the best way to experience local culture is by kneading, slicing, and eating -of course. 

A professional chef guides participants through traditional recipes and fresh ingredients. Everything is seasonal, reflecting nature’s bounties from the Alps straight to the table.

Two must for this tour are: fresh pasta and a sweet dessert. Among the ingredients you might be able to try are mushrooms, cheese, and chestnuts. The best part of this trip is that you will eat what you cook, getting the chance to taste every nuance of the dish. After the tour, visitors can spend the rest of the day in the Antiquarium of Mergozzo, a museum where people can see the local stone work and archeological artifacts. At Lake Maggiore, there is always something to do. 

Ideal for: anyone who loves to get their hands dirty or anyone who’s hungry. 

Cooking Class Cannobio Lago Maggiore

Of course, if you can’t decide among our many Lake Maggiore tours dedicated to food and wine, our suggestion is simple: do them all. If you have the time, there is no need to choose. Like there is no need to choose between sweet, local wine and salty yet delicious cheese. The Italian lake district is mouthwatering and it offers a variety of meats, like the mortadella ossolana (directly from the Val d’Ossola). All accompanied with a glass of wine. 


Why choose a walking tour instead of a more traditional one? It’s a different experience, slow and sustainable, ideal to connect with your surroundings. With Il Viaggiatore and our Lake Maggiore tours on foot, you don’t have to give up on anything!