Lake Maggiore Hiking: Monte Giove and Limidario
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Hiking is a different way of traveling. It’s slow, sustainable and it allows you to connect with the surroundings. When it comes to Lake Maggiore hiking, the surroundings are high peaks with unique overlooks like the ones of Monte Giove with its tiny villages with red roofs, and patches of snow even in summer. Or the surroundings of the hiking path to Limidario, a trekking through uncontaminated nature and high slopes above the clouds. 

The hiking paths above the famous lake between Lombardy and Piedmont take visitors to a quiet area, far from the crowds in Stresa or Villa Pallavicino. With the right hiking boots, determination, and enough sunscreen, an Italian vacation has a whole new meaning. 

This is a hiker’s paradise, made of clearly-designed paths, crosses on top of peaks, and (if you are lucky) wildlife. There are two paths in the area behind Lake Maggiore, both worth a trip: 

  • The hiking path to Monte Giove
  • The hiking path to Limidario

Both can give visitors a unique perspective on this part of Piedmont, which isn’t just beautiful. It’s also eco-friendly and a slow way of traveling. One step at a time, hikers discover nature and they connect with the local communities, the ones beyond the touristy spots. Let’s take a closer look at these two Lake Maggiore hiking opportunities. 

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On the way to Monte Giove

This is one of the most popular hikes in the Lake District. That’s because the view is exclusive. However, parts of this path are steep, so it’s not perfect for every type of hiker. It’s more ideal for people who are already used to hiking, children included. 

During this trek, there are a lot of different terrains, including asphalt, since the path starts at Sant’ Agata di Cannobio, a tiny village surrounded by pine trees. The village is 30 minutes from Gravellona Toce and the drivers can follow the directions towards Verbania or Locarno. Once parked, the path starts behind the church. 

From San’tAgata, the path takes hikers to a natural terrace on top of the mountain with a unique view over Lake Maggiore thanks to its 1,298 meters above sea level. Hikers can choose between following the road or the path to Monte Giove. Either way, both have signs and directions to the peak.

There, a cross welcomes the adventurers and a comfortable bench, the perfect spot to admire the view. This path is a loop and hikers can choose if they want to follow the path in the woods or if they prefer the paved road. 

The technical details

Total hours roundtrip 2h30
Total kilometers 9km
Elevation gain m. 850
Level Medium difficulty

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Lake Maggiore hiking: the Limidario

This hike is also known with the name “Gridone.” This is the Cannobina valley, another hikers’ paradise in the area of the Lake Districts in Lombardy but on the border with Switzerland. In fact, one of the starting points for this path is the of Mergugno, which is in Switzerland. This village is surrounded by woods and the tree known as “maggiociondolo,” the laburnum. This is a tiny tree, a gorgeous yellow plant that fills the air with perfume during spring. 

One of the first stops in this Lake Maggiore hiking adventure is the rifugio Al Legn (m. 1,785), which already offers a first glimpse over the lake. Then, the path follows the mountain’s crest, going up and down exposed surfaces. Towards the end, hikers might need to use their hands to make progress and there are areas with chains and cords. At the top of Mount Limidario, a cross awaits the hikers at m. 2,188 meters of altitude. 

These are the wild Alps, divided between Italy and Switzerland. 

The technical details

Total hours roundtrip 5h30
Total kilometers N/A
Elevation gain 1169 meters
Level Only experienced hikers 

It’s also important not to forget the basics, no matter the season. These are: 

  • Sunscreen
  • Enough water since there aren’t many sources
  • Snacks because there aren’t any “rifugio” at the top. 
  • A change of clothes if you encounter a storms or simply to get off the sweaty clothes

These two Lake Maggiore hiking paths are two of the most scenic paths around this blue and shiny lake. They offer a unique perspective not only of the lake, but of life in rural Italy. The communities become smaller and smaller as you go higher, but the community of hikers becomes bigger.

However, it’s important to note that the hiking path to Monte Giove is perfect year-round, while the one to Limidario isn’t ideal in winter. It can snow and become dangerous for inexperienced hikers. 

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